Have Your Say on Draft Position Paper on EU’s Chemical Strategy for Sustainability



amfori Advocacy has worked on recommendations for an implementation of the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability in line with the circular economy. Although the ambition of the strategy is high, there is a risk that if chemical policies miss the objective of circular economy, sustainability strategies will be chasing after compliance without being able to properly implement a strategy to transition towards more circularity. The position paper therefore places core points of the strategy back in a circular context and invites the ambition of the strategy to be reinforced by effective implementation elements and supporting measures to companies.

You are invited to provide your comments to the proposed position paper by 31 December.

The Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, published in October, outlines over 50 actions planned by 2024 for a non-toxic environment.

See this article for more details on the impact for your company

Please send your questions and comments to florence.sarrazin@amfori.org