ILO Work in Fishing Convention ready to be ratified in Thailand


The Ministry of Labour's proposal to proceed with the ratification of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Work in Fishing Convention (C188) was recently approved by the National Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand.

What does this imply?

It means that standards of labour protection onboard fishing vessels in Thailand will be elevated to be in line with international standards. The convention aims to protect the rights of workers onboard vessels in areas such as occupational safety and health, medical care at sea and ashore, rest periods, work agreements, and social security protection.

This follows Thailand’s ratification of the Forced Labour Protocol in June 2018, and makes Thailand the first in Asia to adopt these international standards. At amfori we very much welcome both developments.

Next Steps

The legal enforcement is anticipated to start by mid-2019. It should be noted that currently the regulations in Thailand are compatible with 80 percent of the provisions found in the Convention.

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