Impactful Auditing - amfori Audit Integrity Programme


At amfori, we are committed to meeting the needs of our members through the provision of consistently high standards of service.  amfori members use amfori BSCI to monitor their global supply chains, exercise their due diligence responsibilities and continuously improve working conditions in their producer’s factories.

After three years of the Audit Quality Programme, the improvement in the quality of delivery is evident, as demonstrated in this report. Although we have seen clear improvements, we will continue working to improve all our services and ensure that our members can have the utmost confidence in the quality of our audits.

This report shows the improvements made by our approved, amfori BSCI auditing companies, in the way they manage and deliver amfori BSCI audits. From 2021 onwards, amfori is confident that continuing to approach audit management in a risk led manner to target key areas will ensure that our audit quality continues to increase and that we will continue to meet members expectations.

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