Improving Sustainability of Indian Textile Industry


On 15 October BSCI held a Round Table in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, a hub for India's textile and garment industry. Under the theme of "Industry and Labour Conditions in the South India Textile Sector", the event was jointly organised by BSCI, Solidaridad and the Tirupur Exporters’ Association (TEA) and included over 80 delegates representing international brands and buying houses as well as trade unions, NGOs and certification agencies. The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways to make the South Indian textile supply chain more sustainable and to bring together all stakeholders in the industry to find solutions for challenging labour issues. Special mention was made of efforts to eradicate Sumangali, an exploitative labour practice in textile spinning mills. The afternoon session included discussions on ways to improve industry communications and the role of stakeholders. A focus of this was on how communications strategy can use objective data and narrative to convey the success stories the industry has experienced, as well as highlight ongoing concerns in a transparent manner. Events culminated in a call for the formation of a platform including domestic and international support to improve the perception of the industry.

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