Increased Leverage with New Affiliate Membership Category


FTA is pleased to announce that the association has now extended its offer to provide services to new types of companies, thus increasing its leverage towards sustainable supply chains.

The affiliate category is tailored to companies with over €1 billion in annual turnover that support our mission and purpose, and meet the following acceptance criteria:

  • Code of Conduct (CoC): A publicly available CoC adhering to the ILO Core Convention, aligned with BSCI CoC and verified by a 3rd party;
  • Sustainability Policy: A public commitment to an equivalent to the BSCI CoC and the ToI, which include the concepts of due diligence, cascade effect and commitment formula; verified by FTA or a 3rd party;
  • Sustainability Programme: An established sustainability programme for more than five years, to be verified by FTA or a 3rd party;
  • Sourcing Model: An indirect or hybrid model, to be verified by FTA.

Upon evaluation and acceptance by the FTA Board and based on the above requirements, these companies receive access to FTA services without having to adhere to certain operating documents, such as BSCI’s Terms of Implementation (ToI). Affiliate members are not granted voting rights and are not eligible to join the Board of Directors.

This new addition meets the evolving needs of companies which have their own supply chain sustainability programme and aim to move towards new business models, and benefits FTA members by significantly reducing the number of audits conducted. It also supports the needs of our growing association by:

  • Aligning our approach to sustainable supply chains with that of companies with a system of their own;
  • Enhancing the recognition of FTA and its leverage to drive sustainability agenda; and
  • Diversifying our membership base.

For more information, please contact the FTA secretariat.

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