International Organization for Migration Visits FTA Offices in Brussels


On 7 and 8 December, Kristin Dadey, Senior Programme Manager of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Cambodia visited the FTA offices in Brussels to engage with the BSCI Steering Committee and the FTA team. In her presentations, she introduced the IOM’s main activities and areas of migration management including defining the broader concepts and modalities of issues such as irregular migration, forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking. She also highlighted the work of IOM in Turkey as well as in Thailand where synergies and the scope for potential collaborative actions with the FTA may be possible.

Touching on the responsibilities of governments, Ms Dadey claimed that governments must manage and regulate migration and mentioned that the Thai government is currently doing a good job of registering its workers. She also added that multi-stakeholder engagement is needed and that NGOs, the UN, governments, and the private sector should work together to make real impact.

Considering much of the abuse happens at the recruitment phase, she advocated for migrants to have the proper skills and to be empowered on how to advocate for themselves. She highlighted the importance of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, which is at the core of FTA’s work.

She concluded saying, ‘’Migration is an opportunity, not a problem to be solved.’’ Ms Dadey’s visit follows a recent meeting, in which FTA met to discuss protection of migrant workers and optimising the benefits of labour migration in supply chains at the IOM headquarters in Geneva.

For more information, please contact Anisha Rajapakse, Senior Manager Stakeholder Engagement.

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