International Women’s Day: amfori signs UN Women Empowerment Principles and launches its Gender Strategy



On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women. Every other day, we are working to make them more equal. Together, amfori and UN Women are proud to be collaborating in the signing of the UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs). This will build momentum in the private sector and across supply chains to globally create more opportunities and a level playing field for women.

The WEPs will guide amfori to further implement its new Gender Strategy 2020-2022. Christian Ewert, amfori President, sees the potential the WEPs signing will bring – as a step forward not only for business ethics, but also for human rights:


Against this background, amfori has signed the WEPs to further leverage its Gender Strategy 2020-2022.  These set of principles aim at offering guidance to businesses and supporting industry associations on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. 

Our amfori Gender Strategy integrates the WEPs and encompasses the following objectives:

  1. Strengthening amfori institutional and membership support for our goal of promoting gender equality in supply chains and in the workplace.
  2. Leveraging gender-responsive partnerships and engagements with stakeholders.
  3. Ensuring amfori’s standards and other tools to tackle sustainability in supply chains are more gender-responsive.
  4. Improving our capacity on data and research on gender
  5. Developing more gender-responsive advocacy and communication
  6. Enhancing our projects on the ground that empower women in amfori sourcing countries

This amfori strategy will contribute to our broader objective of fulfilling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG #5 on Gender Equality.

As such, we also invite our members and other businesses to join us and use the WEP as guidance for actions in their workplace and in their supply chains to empower women and benefit businesses and communities.

We are also proud of amfori members who share our enthusiasm for such a crucial topic. Leon Mol, amfori Board Member and Director for Product Safety and Social Compliance at Ahold Delhaize is one such advocate for Women’s Empowerment:


Let’s all be #EachforEqual – Please join us!


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