Join the Project Group (China Pilot), amfori Quality Management Initiative (QMI)



The amfori Project Group amfori Quality Management Initiative (QMI) contributes to the development of amfori’s services in quality management in the supply chain. 

Members of the Project Group will meet regularly to share business insights with the project team, support the planning of pilot test of assessment tools in China and provide their views on business models that may benefit buyers and producers in global supply chains.

Planned activities

In 2020, the Project Group is expected to endorse a set of standard questionnaires and qualification/assessment tools that can be commonly used by all amfori Members and their producers for manufacturing practice and quality management in the production sites, advise on the design of the amfori QMI service model and participate in pilot test activities.

Participants in this Project Group will commit to:

  • Participate in at least 50% of the project group activities
  • Review and provide input on draft documents and analysis shared by the amfori QMI project team
  • Actively participate in pilot activities, including related costs

Applications will be accepted until 22 July 2020.

Duration: August 2020 to end of March 2021

Special Requirement: the amfori QMI pilot programme will be first launched in Mainland China. We especially welcome applications from members with representative(s) in the same/similar time zones in order to reduce communication challenges.

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