Leading the Field: Upgrading FTA’s Audit Integrity Programme


As a values-based, business-driven association, FTA is committed to leading the way in delivering the best quality and integrity of its services in order to support members in facing the demanding supply-chain challenges of today and tomorrow.

In September 2016, FTA commissioned an independent 3rd party assessment to evaluate the current BSCI Audit Integrity Programme. As part of BSCI’s commitment to continuous improvement, a clear mandate was given to provide recommendations for further enhancements and upgrades to the already well-established programme.

Highlighting key strengths of the existing programme, including FTA’s commitment to being an industry leader, the association’s collaboration with industry key players, and the already comprehensive nature of current quality activity; the in-depth report also provided clear direction for further improvements.

It focused on the following aspects:

  • Development of a holistic and comprehensive audit integrity framework, with a pioneering quality programme at its core, designed to monitor our auditing partners and provide ongoing insights for system upgrades.
  • Support for the growth of the programme through the development of human and innovative technologically based resources.
  • Continuous assessment of potential conflicts of interest at each step of the development and implementation of the programme, including key stakeholder consultations.

The improved Audit Integrity Programme will be launched in January 2018 and will play an important role in supporting FTA’s ambitious vision 2030 and will be comprised of the new:

  1. Comprehensive - Auditing Company Acceptance Criteria
  2. Rigorous - Auditor Qualification and Training Scheme
  3. Pioneering - Audit Quality Programme

Stay tuned for more insights on this programme as the FTA continues to demonstrate leadership in supporting our members to continue building sustainable supply-chains globally.

For further questions on the Audit Integrity Programme, please contact info@fta-intl.org.


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