Learn more about social compliance in the food industry with the BSCI’s e-learning tool


Food and Primary Production is a sensitive part of the supply chain, according to the ILO, there is an increasing number of workers in developing countries benefiting from new jobs in the food and drink industry. Despite this, there has been little progress in redressing the state of affairs in many countries. It is for this reason, the BSCI has developed a specific methodology for social compliance in this sector, particularly for the primary production level where working conditions are more vulnerable. The methodology for primary production requires implementation of an Internal Social Management System (ISMS) at the supplier level, guaranteeing a proper follow up on the farms' social compliance from where the suppliers source. The BSCI also supports companies’ efforts in the implementation process through rolling out international workshops and training courses. These workshops aim to increase awareness and skills on social compliance and the BSCI system. In early 2011, the BSCI’s e-learning tool was launched, this aims to provide primary producers with both an overview as well as an in-depth implementation course. The overview is presented in a slideshow and it is open to the public. The in-depth course requires a password which BSCI regular members should provide to their suppliers. We welcome you to learn more about the BSCI’s approach towards primary producers. Click here to access the e-learning tool. Contact: Veronica Rubio, Food Project Manager

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