Making the Most out of BSCI


Being based in the heart of Europe, FTA has 1843 European members but also hosts a network of members from North America, Australia, or Hong-Kong that benefit from our Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

A Hong-Kong based retailer of Health & Beauty products called A.S. Watson Group chose BSCI for the tools we provide including the BSCI Platform, which allows them to share audit information and avoids duplication of auditing efforts among suppliers.

Before joining the FTA in March 2008, the company was looking for an internationally recognised partner to strengthen and harmonise their existing social compliance operations. A.S. Watson Group has been actively engaged in monitoring their performance in the BSCI Platform and through the training of many of its producers and employees. In addition, they have also taken on a proactive role in helping shape and improve the BSCI system, by participating in the soft launch of the Commitment Formula. Building on their efforts in sustainable supply chain management, A.S. Watson Group has also decided to monitor their environmental performance through the Business Environmental Performance Initiative

''The monitoring of suppliers’ performance through audits, combined with the empowerment and engagement of these suppliers to drive improvements has proven to be a successful strategy.” Sébastien Pivet, Head of CSR at A.S. Watson Group.

Globally, the company is proactively engaged in various key CSR and sustainability issues such as anti-bribery behaviour, energy and waste management, modern slavery as well as adopting innovative technologies to monitor the risks along their supply chain.

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