Managing Risk Along the Supply Chain


Due Diligence activities are at the heart of businesses when it comes to managing risks at home and in the supply chain. It is a continuous and comprehensive process, involving many departments and individuals, and includes transparent communication with relevant stakeholders.

Having the right tools to effectively do this is key to companies, of any size. amfori today provides members support on due diligence though advocacy, capacity building, amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI, and is now adding a vital precursor to this offering: an easy to use tool, the Country Due Diligence, providing country indicators across a multitude of relevant trade, social and environmental topics.

Based on data from credible organisations, such as International Labour Organization, United Nations Development Programme and United National Environment Programme, these indicators will allow amfori members to make informed decisions and manage a risk-based approach in their ongoing due diligence processes in current and potential sourcing countries.

Following the lauch of this tool, using amfori services such as capacity building, amfori BSCI or amfori BEPI, will have a higher impact potential.

Interested, but not a member yet? Get in touch with our membership team to find out more about this tool and other services.


Hi, I would like to find out more detail in regards to the country due diligence and capacity building approach. If you have time next week would like to hear more around membership - what this entails and are there different tiers of membership? regards Emma Mackenzie

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