Meet amfori in Italy


On 24 May, amfori will host its first ever meeting in Milan to support over 30 of our Italian members as well as organisations interested in joining the association.

This meeting aims to foster engagement by providing the first opportunity for an exchange between the association and Italian member companies, by presenting the global scope of our work. It will also be an occasion for members who did not have the chance to attend one of our workshops in another country to catch up on the recent developments of amfori tools and services.

The afternoon session will consist of a workshop on ‘’An Introduction to amfori BSCI’’ and will also include general updates including:
• amfori service offering
• amfori Governance
• Membership
• Country Due Diligence 
• amfori BSCI System Manual
Registrations are now open for members to participate in this first meeting. For more information, please see the detailed agenda.


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