Multi-Industry Macro Level Worker Survey Ready to Deploy



Worker well-being is at the forefront of any responsible production, regardless of industry. As the world moves toward better worker protection, greater corporate responsibility and mandatory due diligence, it is a practical and necessary step for industries to work together and share tools. In this spirit, WRAP has led an effort to bring together the RBA, SAI, IETPamfori and GAA with a common goal of advancing the voice of workers in the industries we serve.

In recent months, the group has been working on the development and implementation of  a mobile-phone worker survey tool to assess the basis of worker well-being in supply chains. The survey focuses on worker health, worker satisfaction, health & safety, working hours and worker engagement. The survey is short, completed via mobile phone in local languages and is anonymous. Industries and countries are identified, but not the facilities or workers. By aggregating the data  and applying complex analytics, we are already identifying  common issues that impact our collective supply chains.

The worker survey at macro level is already available for deployment in English, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil, Italian, Bengali and Vietnamese.

If you want to start deploying the worker survey in your supply chain, please contact, Senior Programme Expert

For information on individual programs participating in the project please click on the links in the article.