Myanmar Joint Statement: amfori Joins Forces with MSIs and Associations



This week, amfori has joined a coalition of nine Multi-Stakeholder initiatives to release a joint statement calling on brands to undertake Human Rights Due Diligence and ensure their responsible purchasing practices in Myanmar.

About the Joint Statement

Alongside amfori, the coalition includes following actors:

Together, the organisations expressed concern about the military coup that has taken place in February and the increasing violence against the population, including leaders of unions and labour-rights organizations.

Should the situation continue to escalate, the well-being of workers, particularly ethnic minorities and women could be put significantly at risk.

Considering this evolving political landscape in mind, the coalition urges the military to enact the following:

  • Respect the results of the November elections
  • Release those who are detained for political reasons
  • Restore internet service at whole.

Considerations for amfori members

Businesses should pay particular attention to the respect of fundamental rights of workers.

Furthermore, amfori members should disengage with companies that are known to be owned or controlled by the military in Myanmar, while making best efforts to protect workers that may be impacted.

The joint statement follows amfori’s own guidance to its members released on February 2.

Read the full statement here

For further information, please contact Guggi Laryea, Senior Manager Stakeholder Engagement.