Network Connects: Where Global Meets Local


amfori hosts a series of meetings for members to connect, share ideas, and discuss with local stakeholders. Here’s a sneak peek highlighting some our recent activities.

To find our more, check our Network Hub. Not a member yet? Get in touch with one of our local representatives.

Bangladesh - Dhaka

‘’I can say at the moment amfori Bangladesh's activities are really at their best. Especially, through the Network Connect meeting, communication has improved so much. Now members can share their views & good practices, they can express their concerns and also can learn from other members. Through amfori Bangladesh team's great support it is lot easier for us to get updates on matters related to amfori BSCI and the industry. We are very happy to work closely with amfori Bangladesh.”

-S. M. Najmul Hasan, Compliance Manager- Bangladesh from Güldenpfennig GmbH


Denmark – Aarhus

"The Network Connects are really important for me to meet and talk with the fellow amfori members. Here we actively discuss challenges and the benefits of amfori and auditing. Typically everyone faces similar issues, whether the companies are big or small, and are able to talk about how to address everyday work with the factories. We are very open and blunt in our network and this is priceless when working in CSR, as it enables us to lift each other up in a group."

-Anne Marie Lindegaard Rosendahl, Network Chair Denmark


France – Paris

“The amfori Network has enormous leverage for our members operating at a global level. It helps create the link between our local amfori networks and the buying or representation offices of our members in sourcing countries. Our representatives are there to provide the necessary support in terms of information, expertise and training to implement the amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI systems in international supply chains.”

-Sylvie Thonnerieux, Network Representative France


Greater China - Hong Kong and Shanghai

“I see amfori Network Connect meetings as an important platform to calibrate the direction of our Greater China office going forward. The recent meetings in Hong Kong and Shanghai yielded fruitful results, addressing concerns and sharing valuable information with major brands and retailers in tackling local challenges.''  

-Kenneth Wong, Network Representative Greater China


Germany – Frankfurt

‘’The key takeaway from the panel discussion about the future of auditing was that auditing will still be used as a tool but that it would not be sufficient to have it as the only tool. It would be great to move forward on this issue with our partner association.”

-Claudia Landgraf, Network Chair Germany


Netherlands – Utrecht

Talking about amfori’s Women Empowerment Programme,"we have a lot of unity in our diversity!"

-Natasha Majumdar, Network Representative for India


Spain – Madrid

“The Network Connect was an excellent opportunity to discover Spanish companies that are implementing their social responsibility management system in the supply chain. The approach was very practical, focusing on the application of amfori tools such as country due diligence or innovative programmes covering topics like women’s empowerment”

-Delia García Gómez, Network Chair Spain


Turkey – Istanbul

‘’I was very satisfied about this Network Connect Meeting which was very helpful in terms of understanding new or updated laws & regulations and also the other brand representatives' perspectives as well as sharing our concerns with amfori. I believe that these kind of meetings develop standardisation and calibration. It was also good to learn the details about Small Producer Assessment and following our suppliers via amfori Academy in a detailed manner.’’

-Pınar Kurşun, Sustainability & Technical Coordinator from Gina Tricot


Sweden – Stockholm

“Thanks to Martin, Norma and Sylvie’s excellent coordination of the three content rich Network meetings hosted in Stockholm, Utrecht, and Paris. There I had the pleasure to present not only our key trends and service deliverables in Greater China but also a quick preview of my new extended role in covering Asia Pacific (APAC), which started in December. The positive feedback from members gave us great confidence on our new regional approach of providing more support to members who are active in the region.”

-Joyce Chau, Director Asia Pacific.


Switzerland – Zurich

"It is of enormous value that market competitors are striving for the same cause and share their experiences and work together for more sustainable supply chains. I am proud to be part of this community and to represent amfori in Switzerland."

-Pierre Strub, Network Representative Switzerland


USA/Canada – Los Angeles

“The Network Connect was just what Grove needed to hit the ground running on our social compliance program. The workshop was very helpful in understanding current, relevant legislation and how we can effectively read audit reports. We are so excited to be a part of the amfori network with all the valuable tools and resources available to us.”

-Alexandra Bede, Supply Chain Manager at Grove Collaborative


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