Network Roundup February 2021


Read this month’s update on trade and sustainability topics, with on the ground analysis from our international network.



Pierre Strub, Network Representative Switzerland

Free trade with Indonesia could fail because of palm oil

A year ago, the Swiss parliament approved the INA-CH free trade agreement with Indonesia.

In June 2020, a referendum was launched against the agreement, which will be put to a vote on 7 March.

Proponents in the national government and parliament say that the agreement will not only benefit the export industry, but also the environment. Nevertheless, opponents of the proposal fear that free trade with Indonesia could fuel the destruction of the rainforest there due to palm oil production. On Indonesian plantations, where palm oil is produced, working conditions and wages are particularly poor. In Switzerland, it is clear that palm oil is a hot issue that will reach its smoking point at the beginning of next month.


Muge Tuna, Network representative Turkey

amfori announces new partnership with United Work and MUDEM-RSC

In January 2021, amfori is proud to anounce a Memorandum of Understanding with United Work and MUDEM-RSC (The Turkish Refugee Support Center) to promote cooperation and mutual assistance between amfori. Together, we will work together to build improvements into a range of recruitment and training projects. The projects and collaboration will consider Syrian workers under temporary protection as well as Turkish workers.

The scope is to strengthen the partnership between the MUDEM-RSC, United work and amfori. We aim to make the processes more formal and tangible. As a result, our long-term aim is to encourage amfori’s members to apply Responsible Recruitment practices through their supply chains.