New amfori BEPI Brochure: Better Environment


The new amfori BEPI brochure is out, showcasing how amfori BEPI supports its member companies in driving environmental improvement in their supply chains.

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Recent updates and developments

The urgency and the response

The hottest summer ever reported, Earth Overshoot Day arriving earlier than ever, tsunamis, floods and forest fires. It has not been a good year for the planet and its inhabitants. The call for action resounds louder than ever, which is being heard and responded to by an increasing number of companies.

To date, more than 390 companies – brands, retailers and importers – have joined amfori BEPI, committing to collaboratively address environmental issues in global supply chains. The double-digit growth of amfori BEPI is a true testament to this commitment from businesses.

These global supply chains cover over 20 sectors, with more than 5000 factories in 50 countries. The amfori BEPI System takes companies across four logic steps aimed at identifying environmental risks and addressing these systemically through capacity building and monitoring.

Capacity Building

We believe in building capacities and skills at factory level, thus empowering them to pro-actively address environmental issues. Factories have access to easy-to-use Starter-Kits for all 11 environmental areas amfori BEPI covers, providing a description of the environmental area as well as practical advice on how to make improvements. More in-depth skill-set building happens through online and face-to-face workshops on relevant environmental topics, such as environmental management system, water management, regulatory compliance, air pollution management and chemical management.

In 2017, we reached 2000 learners across 60 sessions and 6 topics in 11 countries.


Where amfori BEPI Environmental Assessments assesses how factories manage relevant environmental topics, amfori BEPI has recently concluded the Chemical Management Audit (CMA) Pilot. For the textile / footwear industry, amfori BEPI collaborates with interested member companies and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) to implement industry tools and standards, such as the CMA Protocol which is based on the ZDHC. The results of these audits – now being rolled out in full force – will not only drive the necessary improvements in the industry, they will also be key sources of information and insights regarding common challenges to be addressed.

The future

amfori BEPI continuously looks ahead to pick up on emerging issues and works with its members and external stakeholders to create tools and provide support on these issues. We are currently working on a Timber Due Diligence pilot together with a dedicated Project Group consisting of amfori BEPI members and experts such as NEPCon, a non-profit organisation that works for sustainable land use and climate-friendly solutions. It not only addresses compliance with related timber regulation, such as the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), it also contributes to more supply chain transparency and sustainable timber sourcing practices.

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