New Report: Building our Network


amfori published its first annual Network Report framing the association’s global reach and on the ground support services provided to members.

The report reflects on the recent changes amfori Local Networks underwent in line with our strategic Vision 2030 and the rebranding process as well as the new governance structure. It also includes an outlined description of Network Committees and country profiles with the activities managed by each Network Representative.

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Impressive year of growth 

We are also proud to report our strongest ever increase in membership and geographical outreach, with more than 2200 businesses in supply chains across 44 countries on 4 continents, representing a combined turnover of 1.6 trillion euro. The top five growth countries this past year include the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Spain, with the notable example of the US, where membership grew 1,650%.

To match the association’s ambition for inspiring action across the world and serve its growing global membership, amfori also recently established its first office in Latin America. Based in Argentina, this local network will serve to boost the visibility and reputation of amfori and provide support to members in the region.

Want to learn more about our international presence? Please consult our Network Hub webpage.

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