New System Manual Feature: Integrating Gender Equality in the Due Diligence Strategy


In 2018, amfori published new guidance in the revised System Manual to supports amfori members to better integrate gender equality in their due diligence strategy.

amfori members who have identified gender equality as a distinct dimension of their sustainability strategy will get orientation on:

  • Mapping out gender-based discrimination in their supply chains
  • Monitoring measures to identify risks of gender discrimination and adverse impact of business activities on women
  • Channels to redress adverse impact and provide women with access to remedy

Why is it important?

Women represent a majority of the workforce in labour intensive export industries and have the potential to benefit greatly of economic development. However, they are concentrated in low-paid, low-skilled jobs and, in many countries, granted poor legal protection, as a result making them disproportionately vulnerable to exploitation.

The United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs) Working Group has called businesses to factor in gender in their human rights’ due diligence activities. In June 2019, this working group will present a report to the Human Rights Council to raise the bar on related business responsibilities.

What can your business do?

The first responsibility of a business under the UNGPs is to prevent harm to workers. To protect women in supply chains, your business can:

  • Communicate your gender equality agenda to significant business partners
  • Proactively raise producers’ awareness through training 
  • Use audits to specifically assess gender-based discrimination by:
    • Using a gender balanced monitoring team
    • Paying attention to risk areas which can have a disproportionate impact on women

The integration of gender equality into business helps members to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more practical steps on how to perform due diligence with a gender lens and more highlights from our Gender Equality Forum held in Stockholm.

amfori activities

amfori recently launched projects for members sourcing from China, India and Bangladesh as a part of the Women Empowerment Programme to take action and position their business as leader on the topic, read more about on our dedicated webpage.

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