New Training Programme for amfori Suppliers


We are glad to announce the launch of a programme, which aims to give access to a limited group of suppliers nominated by members to a broad range of training activities.

The first phase of the Suppliers Programme will provide around 120 suppliers training material related to the implementation of amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI.

Why are suppliers crucial to your business? 

Up to 80 % of our members’ supply chains are made of indirect sourcing through intermediaries. Suppliers are important actors in cascading amfori values in your supply chains. They are key players and often have a closer link to the factories and speak the local language.

What will my supplier learn?

They will learn the basics to succeed in implementing amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI. To build on their foundational knowledge, they can also learn more about select topics at the engaged level such as due diligence, audit reports, remediation plans, grievance mechanisms, and risk assessments.

The benefits

The trainings will enable suppliers to:

  • Gain a better understanding of our services in order to cascade this information along their supply chains;
  • Improve the level of social and environmental compliance at their production sites;
  • Create an improved working environment of all tiers of the supply chain.

Participating suppliers will be requested to provide us with their feedback on their learning experiences through a survey.

For more information, please contact us at

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