Next Steps in the amfori Member Journey


At the Unleash Opportunity conference, amfori will host two dedicated breakout sessions on 18 June bringing together amfori members with different levels of experience and CSR maturity.

In these workshops, you can expect to gain a tailor-made, practical action plan to reach the next level in your journey towards establishing a responsible value chain:

  • How to get to the next step in my amfori BSCI journey
  • How to get to the next step in my amfori BEPI journey

As a member using amfori BSCI or amfori BEPI, you may often be faced with some of the following questions:

  • How do I best perform my supply chain mapping?
  • How do I best engage with my producers at the different steps of my journey?
  • How do I best monitor and support my supply chain partners in order to ensure continuous improvement?

Together with amfori experts from India, Spain, China and the Capacity Building team, workshop participants will share their best practices and address key challenges in managing their supply chains. Sign up and register now!

Not able to come to the conference this year? amfori also offers a wide range of learning options, check out our workshop list available on the amfori Academy.

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