Online consultation on BSCI self-assessment questionnaires


BSCI opens the new self-assessment questionnaires for consultation ahead of their adoption later this year. This process aims at gathering feedback from stakeholders, including BSCI participating companies, suppliers and other interested parties. Comments and recommendations received will be collected and considered for the final self-assessment questionnaires if necessary. This process ensures that the draft documents reflect best existing practices and represents a broad consensus among stakeholders. The self-assessment questionnaires are very often the first mechanism to introduce factory and farm managers to the BSCI process. For this reason, these documents should be particularly clear, persuasive and adapted to the audience. There are currently three self-assessment questionnaires open for consultation; one for the industrial methodology and two for the primary production methodology: For the industrial methodology, the new self-assessment addresses all kind of industrial production sites such as toys, electronics, textiles, meat processing plants For the primary production methodology, BSCI has developed a self-assessment questionnaire which addresses the primary processing units, packing houses and big farms and another self-assessment questionnaire which addresses farms and smallholders. In addition to this consultation, these documents are currently being tested in the field. All stakeholders and BSCI Participants are welcome to provide us with feedback on these documents. Please register in the public consultation page and let us know your opinion.

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