Our Highest Rated Academy Courses


Every day, people in different countries across the world take part in learning through the amfori Academy to build their knowledge and skills in social and environmental performance through face to face workshops and e-learning.

A key element of each learning activity is the feedback survey that each attendee is required to complete afterward. These questions provide a huge amount of data that we at amfori are able to analyse and use to improve our services.

With all of this data, we see the highest-ranked courses across a whole range of parameters. Two of these parameters that are interesting for us are:

  • Applicability: how learners felt the training content was relevant to their day-to-day jobs. In this way, the learning can directly be applied and expanded upon – bringing the most immediate value.
  • Knowledge improvement scores: the difference between before and after the course as judged by the learner

In 2019 so far, these were some of the highest-rated courses delivered for amfori:

  • Internal Auditing Course for amfori BSCI Members: next session happening in Hong Kong on 9 October (seats still remaining)

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