#PressForProgress: 8 Ways amfori Advances Women’s Empowerment in Supply Chains


Today is International Women’s Day, a chance for everyone to recognise the role that women play in society and the inequalities that still stand in the way of progress. amfori is joining this global movement to reaffirm our commitment to advancing the rights of women in global supply chains.

Women make up 49% of the global labour force, yet the gender gap still exists. We believe that far more still needs to be done to strengthen the voice and participation of women and invest in their workplace rights and opportunities.

The research is clear; by empowering women we empower communities and society at large. Working towards eliminating gender-based discrimination, promoting career opportunities and including women in decision-making processes are all modes of empowerment, which in turn make businesses more efficient and resilient.

Joining the #PressForProgress 2018 campaign, amfori presents 8 ways in which we advance women’s empowerment globally:

Businesses have the power to shift mindsets and drive UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 5: Gender Equality. amfori and its members are committed to doing just that. By empowering women, our members are shaping a more equal future of open and sustainable trade.

Join us, join the movement!

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