Preventing Deforestation through Due Diligence



In June, Global Forest Watch published data on deforestation in 2019. As usual, the numbers are alarming. 11.9 million hectares of tree cover were lost last year, including 3.8 million hectares of tropical primary forest, home to the majority of biodiversity and carbon storage. That is the equivalent of losing a football pitch of primary forest every six seconds throughout the entire year.

The EU is waking up to its own responsibility when it comes to “imported deforestation” - deforestation caused by commodities destined for European consumers. Ahead of legislation planned for next year, the European Parliament has proposed a Regulation specifically tackling deforestation through due diligence requirements in the supply chains. The ambition of such a proposal is for a mandatory due diligence obligation for all companies placing a product on the EU market linked to one of the main commodities responsible for deforestation (soy, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, beef, rubber).

To support you in the framing of the future obligations, amfori is strengthening its advocacy efforts and timber due diligence tools. amfori was recently confirmed to be part of two expert groups of the European Commission on the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and the FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) Regulation, and on EU action against deforestation around the world. Through these expert groups, amfori will be able to provide timely information on the future legislation and will have the opportunity to have a say on the framing of the due diligence requirements.

To help our members comply with the EU Timber Regulation, which requires due diligence from all companies placing timber products on the EU market, we launched the Timber due diligence tool earlier this year as part of our BEPI programme. We regularly update our Timber Due Diligence services, including topical training and the BEPI timber risk assessment tool.


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