Promoting Good Labour Practices in the Thai Fishing Industry


In late May, Darrell Doren, FTA Senior Director Sustainability participated in a seminar on Thai fishing and the seafood industry in Bangkok, Thailand. The event was held by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and officiated by the Minister of Labour of Thai Government, Delegation of the European Union to Thailand.

Mr Doren joined the panel discussion, “What comes next for the Thai fishing and seafood industry” with other representatives from the sustainability field as well as and labour and industry. 

Well attended by around 100 stakeholders, government officials, industry leaders, and business executives, the event is part of the EU-funded ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project, which aims to prevent and reduce forced labour, child labour and other unacceptable forms of work, as well as eliminate the exploitation of workers in the Thai fishing and seafood processing sectors. This project is a part of the revision and expansion of the 2012 Good Labour Practices Programme (GLP), a comprehensive fisheries industry improvement programme that combines the establishment of industry labour guidelines with good labour practices training.

FTA is actively involved in Thai fishing industry with the creation of an ad hoc Working Group Thailand to specifically address the working conditions of migrant workers in the Thai food industry. Additionally, in February 2017, FTA organised a high-level seminar as well as several workshops for producers to discuss current legislation regulating migrant workers’ recruitment and the effects of transparent recruitment practices on business relations with overseas markets.

Building on this work, a BSCI Module on Responsible Recruitment including a set of guidelines and training material will be launched in the coming months.

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