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BSCI has published the latest edition of its newsletter, the Echo, online. In this issue, the top story addresses challenging labour conditions in the food supply chain, asking what role should actors from NGOs to government and companies play when labour exploitation occurs. Taking recent issues which loom large in media headlines, we interview representatives from the International Labor Organization (ILO) as well as BSCI participant SOK to share their proactive approach to improving working conditions, particularly in Thailand.   We also share details of the upcoming BSCI Annual Conference in Brussels on 12 – 13 November where such issues will form part of the discussion. This year, Prof. John Ruggie, former UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights, will headline the conference. After a day for BSCI participants, the conference will be open to external parties – places are limited so delegates are invited to register as soon as possible.  

Finally, updates are shared regarding the recent Information Day of the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), at which European Commission, company and stakeholder representatives received details of the business performance benefits of this new initiative launched in June this year. They also received updates on environmental legislation as well as case study presentations from BSCI participants that took part in the pilot phase of the initiative by implementing it with their producers.  

To read this edition of the Echo, please click here.    

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