Requirements for CBs performing BSCI assessments


As of June 2010, BSCI and SAAS issued Procedure 225: This document specifies requirements for BSCI authorized auditing companies to be met prior to carrying out BSCI audits under the BSCI assessment scheme on behalf of its members. These normative requirements are a blend of principles detailed in ISO/IEC 17021:2006 and requirements contained in the SAAS SA8000 Procedure 200. The rules are designed as minimal requirements to be met by accredited auditing companies who have contracted with BSCI to undertake assessments of suppliers against the requirements of BSCI. SAAS, acting on behalf of BSCI, will assess auditing companies against these requirements. Auditing companies who conduct their BSCI audits in accordance with the policies and procedures of their accredited SA8000 certification system will automatically meet these requirements. However, those auditing companies who operate their BSCI system in a separate division or business unit and may not implement all elements of the aforementioned normative documents mandated for accreditation to the SA8000 scheme (ISO/IEC 17021 and SAAS Procedure 200) must implement this document to assure that these minimum requirements are met. Contact: Olga Orozco

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