Run for Election to the amfori Board of Directors



How can you apply? 

Since 1 March 2021, candidates have been able to put forward their names to be considered for election. Candidates can submit their application via the online form (see link below) before midnight on  Friday 16 April 2021 (CEST). 

Why run for election? 

“The amfori Board defines the strategy for the association and strives continuously to improve the satisfaction of our members. To that end we need a diverse, ambitious and competent Board with a variety of skills. Board members should also be willing to allocate time beyond our quarterly Board Meetings to support a Board Committee or Taskforce. If you share our vision and goals and feel you can contribute, we strongly encourage you to stand for election. “  

Herman Poelmann, current Chair of the amfori Board of Directors


What does a Board of Directors do? 

Summary information on the role of Director and the amfori Board of Directors’ power and duties can be found in the dedicated flyer.  More detailed, legal information can be found in the amfori bylaws (in particular articles 20 up to 28).  

Who is eligible for election 

Not all candidates are eligible. amfori bylaws detail the qualifying requirements (art. 20.2). See below for key requisites for candidates:

  • Candidates must be employed in a senior executive position of an ordinary member and be an expert regarding one or more services provided by amfori. 
  • amfori strives for a high level of diversity in the Board of Directors. Angles of diversity inscribed in the bylaws in a non-binding way (art. 20.2) are geography, type of business, size of the sponsoring member, and gender.  In addition, other notable attributes include good financial knowledge, good (new) technology knowledge, and experience on other not-for-profit boards.

How many seats are available in 2021? 

In these upcoming Board member elections in June 2021, there are 3 seats to the Board of Directors available to be filled. 

The amfori Board of Directors consists of up to 10 Directors. Currently, there are 7 Directors in office who were appointed in 2019. These members hold a mandate that will automatically end at the General Assembly of 2022.

Apply before Friday 16 April

We hope that you or someone in your company will consider presenting their candidacy via the online form

Should you have any further questions on the matter, contact so we can support you in your decision. 

Access the online form here