Russia-Ukraine Escalating Situation: Enhanced Due Diligence and RPP



amfori is aware that companies operating in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and neighbouring countries, or with business partners in those regions, are expected to experience growing challenges because of the ongoing conflict, from keeping employees safe to disruptions at the level of their business and supply chains. 

In the light of this difficult situation, we strongly encourage our member businesses to continue to act responsibly by conducting enhanced due diligence and to ensure they carry out responsible purchasing practices throughout their supply chain. 

Wherever possible, and provided it is not in breach of the growing list of sanctions being imposed by the EU and other Western countries, we recommend they maintain business relations, as cutting ties could have unforeseen impacts on workers and local populations already negatively impacted by the ongoing events. 

Noting that the current crisis has important geopolitical and global economic implications, we strongly advise companies to assess their activities with neighbouring countries and reflect on what it means to do business with countries that are seen as favourable to Russia. 

Our thoughts go out to all those impacted by this humanitarian crisis. We will be making a donation to help those affected by the conflict and invite anyone who can to join us. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of organisations currently working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries:

amfori team