Social Dialogue in the Moroccan Food Sector


Morocco is an important EU trading partner for food sector; therefore, good governance of labour relations and a commitment to sustainable development are increasingly important in order to achieve successful business practices. 

In mid-December 2017, amfori joined forces with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in Casablanca inviting members, producers, and trade unions to discuss different avenues of  improvement and to debate the necessary steps that should be taken in working towards more sound Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations in the Moroccan food sector.

The workshop outlined the following main conclusions for fostering social dialogue:

  • Finding the right audience: highlighting how crucial it is to train the right key players in CBA negotiations, which include factory managements, workers and trade unions;
  • Providing the right training content: combining practical negotiation skills with awareness raising on rights and obligations;
  • Promoting continuity in business and government relations: amfori’s role in fostering development of CBAs in Morocco is recognised and highly appreciated, referencing new developments such as our Public Private Partnership project. Representing Moroccan and Spanish government, industry associations and businesses, this project aims to improve local CSR schemes and build businesses’ competences.

The Moroccan Government has urged all stakeholders for cohesive policies concerning social dialogue, with the aim of improving business relations in the country.

Since 2013, amfori BSCI contributes to these endeavours by convening management, workers, trade unions and other relevant parties to discuss social dialogue mechanisms. This builds on our previous work on social dialogue seminars held in 2015 and 2013.

Contact: Veronica Rubio, amfori Senior Manager - Strategic Programmes

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