Spanish Government Supports the 1st Circular Economy Action Plan


The Spanish Government has approved on May 25th the 1st Circular Economy Action Plan (PAEC), with a budget of 1,529 million euros and 116 measures including 8 areas of interest. The measures will be implemented throughout 2021-2023 and will lay the groundwork for a circular and decarbonised circular model.

The 8 focus areas include production, consumption, waste management, secondary raw materials, and water reuse. Additionally, awareness-raising actions, research, innovation and competitiveness, employment and training measures are included.

The implementation of this first Action Plan was included in the Spain Circular Strategy 2030, published by the Spanish Government in June 2020. It contains circular economy objectives and a series of strategic orientations for the period 2020-2030, including a series of objectives for 2020-2030 which will, inter alia, allow a 30% reduction in the national consumption of resources and a 15% reduction in waste generation (as compared to 2010). This Strategy also aims to contribute to Spain's efforts to transition to a sustainable, decarbonized, resource-efficient and competitive economy.