Spanish Retailer Giant MANGO Joins FTA


FTA is pleased to welcome MANGO, one of the leading fashion groups in the world based in Barcelona. On joining the association, MANGO selected all of FTA’s services including International Trade Policy, BSCI and BEPI.

"The addition of MANGO to FTA coincides with the launch of the new strategy of the organisation, which under the 'Vision 2030' will continue to support our members embrace even further their leadership role in generating positive impact for people and planet, while at the same time carrying out their trade activity satisfactorily,’’ said Christian Ewert, FTA Director General.

MANGO’s decision to become a member is an example of the growth of the presence of FTA in Spain, with a 215% increase in total net membership since January 2015 and average of six new Spanish members per year joined FTA between 2013 and 2016. Currently, the Spanish National Contact Group is made up of more than 40 organisations.

“Enhance the exigence of CSR in the supply chain, improve traceability and scope of audits are some of the actions approved in the new CSR Plan for MANGO. By joining FTA, MANGO confirms the commitment with the creation of strategic alliances to advance in the goal to support a sustainable development though the value chain, with a holistic approach, including social and environmental issues”, said Daniel López, Vice Chairman of MANGO.

Read the full press release (in Spanish)

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