Stepping up Social Performance Competences in Morocco


On 28 November, FTA officially joined a private public partnership (PPP), Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Morocco, facilitating an alliance between eight partners representing Moroccan Government and industry associations, the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation and the private sector. Its objective is to enhance social performance in Moroccan industries by:

  • Setting the framework to align Moroccan CSR schemes with the requirements of international markets; and
  • Building capacities for producers to adopt responsible business practices primarily in  the food and garment sectors. 

During the launch event in Rabat, the partners expressed their engagement to join efforts to enhance the performance of the Moroccan economy and its exports. The main message was that sustainable development and CSR are portrayed as mutually reinforcing elements to achieve a positive recognition in international markets.

An important EU trading partner, the country also participates in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed), demonstrating their commitment to common values such as democracy and human rights, rule of law, good governance, market economy principles and sustainable development.

“We are confident that this project will contribute to promoting CSR in Morocco and these efforts will be acknowledged by the European Market; therefore, we encourage other BSCI participants to join us in supporting this project” said Bernardo Cruza, Head of CSR at El Corte Inglés, representing the private sector in this project. 

This partnership increases FTA support available to BSCI participants and producers operating in the country and contributes to position Morocco as a trusted business partner.

Interested in endorsing this project? Find out more.

Contact: Veronica Rubio, Senior Manager - Strategic Programmes 

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