Successful Roll Out of BEPI Workshops in China


On the 26 and 29 October 2015, BEPI organised two producer workshops in China (Shanghai and Shenzhen) to introduce BEPI and explain the benefits of joining the initiative, as well as to offer a more practical outlook on what can be expected from BEPI at the production site.

The workshops welcomed 37 participants, representing both FTA members and their producers from a variety of sectors. Anouschka Jansen, BEPI Environmental Specialist, provided an overview of the services offered by BEPI, drawing special attention to the fact that the BEPI cycle is based on the widely accepted GSCP Environmental Module framework. Attendees welcomed the informative sessions and expressed their keenness to increase their collaboration with other companies through BEPI to truly scale and achieve impact.

BEPI also invited its two recognised environmental consultant companies, AECOM China and ESD China Ltd, to present a practical insight into the BEPI improvement phase for attendees to better understand the value it brings to producers. As explained by one of the consultants: “by doing BEPI, producers can improve their management of legal requirements, and thereby reduce the risk and cost of being fined for non-compliance, which may also impact their reputation. The Chinese government is ramping up its enforcement efforts and it is therefore important that producers prepare now for tomorrow.”

In addition to these sessions, BEPI also offered attendees an exclusive 2 hour training on Chemicals and Water, two top environmental issues in China’s agenda. Delivered by the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Academy of the University of Nanjing and the Sun Yat-Sen University, the trainers outlined the context of these issues in the country, including a legislative overview of the new environmental protection law, and provided practical advice on what a producer can do to start tackling the issues to meet legal requirements.

These workshops offered an excellent forum for members and producers to meet with BEPI representatives and consultants, and gain better understanding of the support which can be provided. BEPI looks forward to continue working with these companies and welcome new participants in future workshops.

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