Supporting improved working conditions in Turkey


On the 2 July, BSCI held the second CSR Round Table Forum at Kadir Has University, Istanbul (Turkey), an event that built on a previous round table held in February that brought together different stakeholders to identify and discuss local challenges related to social compliance. During the follow-up meeting, participants addressed issues such as the lack of implementation of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) criteria dictated by national law and the local subcontracting system, a practice supported by the Turkish Government which undermines the rights of workers and can be a source of exploitation. The problems faced by unregistered workers were also covered during this meeting, since they are subject to long working hours and low salaries through daily fees. These stakeholder round tables respond to the increased role Turkey is playing in the sourcing landscape and the need to tackle the main non compliances specific to the country.

Turkey has become the third main sourcing country for BSCI participants, after China and Bangladesh. In 2013 there were 1,429 producers in Turkey and the main non compliances surrounded compensation, working time and documentation, OHS and management practices. BSCI believes that strong stakeholder engagement is key for addressing the challenges in social compliance and will continue supporting and encouraging the regular organisation of such meetings, the next of which will be held on 22 October.

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