Targeted Improvement: Customised Starter-Kits for amfori BEPI Producers



Managing environmental impacts at factory-level can be overwhelming. Many producers do not know where to start and what they should prioritise. amfori BEPI supports our members and their business partners in assessing and understanding the most important environmental areas for a specific location and give them advice on how they can get started in managing them.  

We have created customised starter-kits for amfori BEPI producers that include how-to guides across 11 environmental areas. Each guide outlines a description of a specific environmental area, offers practical advice on how to make improvements in that area and explains the benefits of doing so.

The starter-kits will be available in the amfori BEPI platform, after completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) – the mandatory first step for any producer in the BEPI system. Completion of the SAQ guides members and their supply chain partners and helps them prioritise next steps by providing:

  • A comprehensive overview of the environmental management at the site
  • Environmental data covering the last three years
  • An analysis of strengths and weaknesses per area shown in an easy-to-read graph
  • The carbon footprint of the site, calculated in line with the GHG protocol requirements
  • A shortlist of the five most relevant environmental areas (hot spots), based on an analysis of the production processes carried out on-site
  • New! Access to a customised starter-kit for the shortlisted environmental areas

Access to the SAQ, as well as all the above, is free of charge for producers in the amfori BEPI system; giving them a cost-effective, easy-to-use start towards continuous environmental improvement.

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