Thai Pineapple Industry: Time for Cooperation Rather than Litigation


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) expresses great concern about civil and criminal charges pressed by Thai-based Natural Fruit Company against activist Andy Hall. These charges pertain to his actions in reporting labour abuses at the premises of the pineapple producer in a report called "Cheap has a High Price", published by Finnish NGO Finnwatch.

The BSCI approach is built on a step-by-step development process in which participating companies and producers work together to achieve sustainable and long-lasting improvements in their supply chain's working conditions. Constructive cooperation, support and thus dialogue are therefore BSCI's main core values and we believe these should be the principles guiding this case. The actions taken by the Thai producer will only have a negative impact on the country's industry and consumers' trust.

BSCI acknowledges the essential role NGOs play in ensuring the protection of workers' rights, and engages regularly with different stakeholders to create synergies and deepen impact. For this reason, BSCI joins the international motion calling on the Thai pineapple industry to drop charges against Mr. Hall and to engage in a constructive dialogue that addresses the accusations raised in the report.

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