Towards better working conditions in the alcohol industry’s supply chain


BSCI welcomes Alko and Systembolaget from the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies (NAMs) to its initiative in order to improve labour conditions in their supply chains. NAMs have a monopoly on the retail of alcoholic beverages across Nordic countries, with the exception of Denmark. Along with Alko in Finland and Systembolaget in Sweden, NAMs are also represented by ATVR in Iceland and Vinmonopolet in Norway. NAMS aim to influence the food and beverage industry to act more sustainably by integrating the BSCI Code of Conduct into their purchasing agreements as of 1 January 2012. BSCI has specific tools for companies working to improve labour conditions in the Food and Primary Production sector. NAMs have been working to make their supply chain more ethical since 2008. Their involvement in BSCI means that they can share the valuable knowledge they have acquired during this time with other BSCI participants, particularly those participants working in Food and Primary Production. BSCI believes that the involvement of NAMs is a valuable asset to the BSCI and will benefit all BSCI participants by creating more synergies. BSCI will be represented by its Secretary Lorenz Berzau at the International Alcohol Monopoly Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on 8 September.

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