Tragic Fire Kills Seven at Factory in Bangladesh


On 26 January, a fire broke out in the factory Smart Garment, Dhaka killing seven female workers. While, according to the BSCI platform, this factory is not linked to any Participant, this fatal fire comes roughly two months after the dramatic fire at Tazreen Fashions factory. This incident again draws attention to the ongoing need to improve fire safety and raise awareness of health and safety issues, particularly in Bangladesh’s garment industry. In 2013, BSCI has developed a capacity building programme on fire safety. The workshops will be rolled out in Bangladesh as of February 2013. Strict health and safety regulations exist in Bangladesh but their implementation is lagging behind. BSCI will continue to build stronger relations at the political level and call for a real enforcement of the existing laws. In this respect, the next Stakeholder Round Table in Dhaka in March 2013 will focus on fire safety issues. BSCI will also provide additional information about its actions fire on safety in Bangladesh through a webcast exclusively for its Participants in February. It is through increased engagement and collaboration with players in Europe and in Bangladesh that the prevention of such incidents can be improved in the future.

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