Training Opportunities Now Available in Mexico


The first training session on ''amfori BSCI for Producers'' was held in Mexico in late August.

Over 20 participants mainly from the tequila industry but also from pottery, garden tools and concentrated fruits producers attended the workshop to share their auditing experiences.

The aim of the session was to show producers all the steps that they need to complete and explain how the amfori BSCI system helps manage their social risks and improve processes.

Upcoming workshops

Members are also welcome to join future workshops in the region including an upcoming five-day Auditor Training Course from 2-6 December in Mexico City.

The course is geared towards helping auditors:

  • Understand the range of social and ethical issues that face organisations and auditors,
  • Describe the fundamental purpose of a management system,
  • Explain the purpose, content and interrelationship of the amfori BSCI program; local industry practice; the relevant legislative framework both national and local labour law.

Contact: Jimena Sanchez, Network Representative Latin America

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