Transparency Project Group – New Applications Open for 2021




In 2019, the amfori Board identified transparency as one of the strategic objectives for the organisation.

In response to this, amfori (together with the board, member and stakeholder advisory councils) has created a road map for increased transparency. In addition, we launched a project at the beginning of 2020, which is focused on three main elements:

  • Delivering greater transparency internally through governance bodies and towards members
  • Providing external transparency on amfori’s work, successes and challenges
  • Supporting and encouraging amfori members to increase their own transparency

Call for Interest

Since March 2020, a group of committed amfori members have collaborated within the Transparency Project Group. As it was recently decided to extend its activities until the end of 2021, amfori now wants to offer its members the opportunity to join the group for this year. Participants in this Project Group will commit to review and provide input on key aspects of the road map, including:

  • Member needs and stakeholder expectations with regards to transparency
  • amfori organisational level transparency
  • Development the Member Commitment Programme (MCP)
  • Data and reporting needs, including alignment with new platform development and dashboards
  • Guidance and tools to help members in their transparency journey

Further details

Project Group name: Transparency

Eligibility: Ordinary members, active in amfori BSCI and/or amfori BEPI

Requirements: Availability of internal expert

Format: Calls

Frequency: Every two months (time for call preparation also needs to be considered)

Start: February 2021

End: December 2021 


If you are interested; please contact Jean-Marie Coant, Senior Research & Development Expert (