Turkey: Webinar to Address Risk of Fraudulent Service Providers



At amfori, we take the proper and ethical use of the amfori BSCI system very seriously. Unfortunately, in the second half of 2020, we saw a series of fraudulent consultant schemes impacting amfori and, in particular, several factories in Turkey.

To respond to this issue, we have taken various security measures on the amfori BSCI platform, such as removing the ‘audit unlock feature’.

Additionally, we have arranged a webinar to educate producers on how they can reduce the risk of any future fraudulent activity. We will hold a webinar on 10 February in order to provide producers in Turkey with the tools to detect and avoid fraudulent audits. We will also cover how they can protect their reputation. As the fraudulent activity took place in Turkey, this webinar will be held in Turkish. We will evaluate whether future webinars in other languages will be necessary.

All Turkish producers in the amfori BSCI system have been invited to this webinar. We advise you to encourage your Turkish business partners to attend it and share the registration link with them: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8950326329019633163

For any queries, please contact us at info@amfori.org