Unleash Opportunity 2021 Re-Build! Environmental Due Diligence – Recording available


The second session of the Unleashed Opportunity series, Environmental Due Diligence: The Role of Businesses in Advancing Global Environmental Goals, took place on 10 June 2021.

It highlighted the different challenges and opportunities currently facing businesses on meeting key climate change and broader environmental due diligence obligations including global environmental goals and key legislation.   

The event was divided into two sessions:

  • The COP 26 – How can we arrive at a Satisfactory and Ambitious Outcome for the Fashion Industry?

This session focused on the new challenges and opportunities the COP 26 will bring to businesses - together with our guest speakers we discussed what expectations, goals and targets might be set and how businesses could be supported in their efforts to advance on climate action.

The recording of this session is available below.

  • Deforestation in Supply Chains Legislation: Let’s talk about Due Diligence

During the second session, we focused on the key issue of deforestation. We discussed what due diligence actually means, how sustainability can be implemented as a legal requirement and how businesses can introduce strategies relevant to the new legislation in their supply chains.

The recording of this session is available below.

The next Unleash Opportunity session will be on 13 July and will focus on EU Trade Policy: Enforcement and Improvement. You can register here.