Unleash Opportunity: The Series - Thank You!



The impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic have been significant for business, people, the planet and for society as a whole. Some of the most critical vulnerabilities of today’s global supply chains have been exposed and exacerbated. There is no “back to business as usual”.  

Businesses are facing the need for change in the way they work and approach innovation. Furthermore, they are facing growing demand from governments, investors, and consumers are demanding that companies become more socially and environmentally responsible and ensure due diligence throughout their supply chain. 

These unprecedent times coincide with growing calls for a more value-based trade and explains a raft of new policy requirements that could offer the opportunities to re-build sustainable and resilient supply chains.

We would like to thank you all for attending the Unleash Opportunity series and look forward to seeing you soon.

The amfori Team wishes you all a festive and happy end of year! 

The series : 

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