Updating the Number of Producers on the amfori Sustainability Platform


As well as encouraging our members to be more transparent about their supply chains, we are also on our own journey of transparency. We have been sharing information about amfori and the way we work.

We are always working to improve the service that we offer to our members. To achieve this aim, we have built the new amfori Sustainability Platform which will enable our members to quickly and easily access information on their supply chain, compare and gather insights and improve their performance.

In the process of transferring information from our old platform to the new one, we identified that there were a number of registered producers that were not active anymore. By active we mean producers that are linked to one or more of our members and have a valid or ongoing audit.

Reliable Information is Crucial

We want to ensure that our members and stakeholders have access to the most up to date information. As we are progressing the migration of the data into a new integrated platform by phases, we are updating our communications around the status of producers that are registered on our platform.

Among the 55,000+ producers registered on our platform, it is confirmed that, as of August, amfori has 27,000+ producers who are actively engaged with our amfori BSCI auditing activities. These are producers linked to one or more of our members, with whom they have an active business relationship.

This number will evolve during our migration and ongoing data cleansing process and we will endeavour to update our communications regularly.