We Discussed Responsible Sourcing at ELEVATE Conference


On 5 December, FTA participated in the ELEVATE seminar in London, marking the end of their Leadership Series this year. In 2016, FTA also participated in ELEVATE conferences in Hong Kong and Düsseldorf along with other CSR leaders to create an open-dialogue and discuss responsible sourcing in global supply chains.

On 9 November, in Düsseldorf, Christian Ewert, FTA Director General addressed the issues of migration of sourcing and the increase of automation in manufacturing. Additionally, he noted the increase in the number of “seasons” per year in apparel.

Following FTA’s participation at ELEVATE in Düsseldorf, Darrell Doren, FTA Senior Director Sustainability was invited to speak in London on how companies can manage attendant risks that they may not be prepared for. Other key topics included corruption and how to promote transparency in the audit industry as well as possible industry collaboration to address forced labour and foreign migrant worker risks.

In addition, the discussion focused on the role of technology in responsible sourcing. With the increasing pressure to homeshore, participants assessed the evolving risks during this transition. They were also asked to tackle the question of how they envision the evolution of sourcing as well as the progress made in frontier markets. 

FTA appreciates the opportunity to participate in the 2016 ELEVATE Leadership Series and will continue to keep members up-to-date with issues concerning responsible sourcing in the coming year.

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