Webinar: What is your Fibre Footprint?


Fibre choice can have a significant impact on the environmental and social footprint of apparel, but many companies do not know where to start. A new project from the EU has been designed to help companies get started, or solidify existing work on sustainable fibres.

The European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) is an EU-LIFE funded project that covers sustainable design, production, consumption, public procurement, collection and recycling through to reprocessing. 

Upcoming webinar

BEPI will host a webinar, together with ECAP partner organisations MADE-BY and the Danish Fashion Institute on 16 November.

FTA members are encouraged to sign up to learn more about the environmental impact of apparel design and fibre choice, and how they can participate in the EU-funded programme.

To register, please contact the FTA secretariat.

Five-step plan for fibre footprint

As one of the ECAP delivery partners, MADE-BY is leading an action area to engage European apparel brands and retailers to measure and reduce the environmental impact of fibre choice. The five-step programme is open to apparel brands and retailers that are interested in improving their fibre footprint and integrating more sustainable fibres into their collections

  • Step 1 – Calculate the baseline fibre footprint
  • Step 2 – Set your strategy
  • Step 3 – Implementation (throughout 2018)
  • Step 4 – Communication
  • Step 5 – Calculate the end line fibre footprint

For more information, download the programme description.

For BEPI participants, the ECAP programme presents a good opportunity for European apparel companies to go beyond environmental work at factory level and think about how the design and fibre choice of their products impacts the environmental footprint. Companies can further their impact by tackling the issue from different angles, looking at the manufacturing processes as well as the design stage.

Companies interested in taking part in the programme will be asked to pay a one-time, subsidised fee, ranging from 3K – 15K euro, depending on annual turnover. The deadline to sign up is 1 December 2017

Platform for sustainable fashion

Members can also learn more about the Design for Longevity platform, which is meant to raise awareness with designers and product developers about their role in transforming the fashion industry to become sustainable. The platform gathers and communicates the most relevant inspiration, knowledge and tools and is updated daily with more content, to become a catalogue of ideas and solutions to implement in wide range of brands. As part of the ECAP project, the platform is free to use and open to everyone.

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