Wine Studies: Identifying Environmental Hotspots in Argentina



Study No2 – Argentina: This study, the second in the series on the global wine industry, examines the economic and environmental outlook of the Argentine wine industry. This follows a programme of partnerships and capacity building throughout Argentina.


Speakers from the amfori-led Transparency and Integrity Roundtable in the Wine Sector

Mesa Redonda: Transparencia e Integridad

Mendoza (Argentina), October 2019



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In 2018, amfori was proud to found its first representation in Latin America, led by Jimena Sanchez. In Argentina, our activities have been extremely successful in building partnerships, capacity building, and advocacy to improve the social and environmental performance in the Wine industry in Argentina. This underlines Argentina’s wine producers thirst for sustainable solutions.

Since then, we have partnered with the German-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Alliance for Integrity and VALOS. This October, the organisations jointly launched a Transparency and Integrity programme to build momentum for sustainability in the wine industry.

Together with these on-the-ground activities and this factsheet, amfori and its partners are working to deliver tangible change for the wine industry, the region, its people and the environment.


Support offered to members and their producers:

An overview of Argentine Wine

Training material in Spanish on Wine

Producer workshops on Wine


In October, we published a previous study on the South African Wine Industry.

Access the document here